Boice Problems

#255 - Jonghyun can’t stop running his fingers through his hair

#254 - Yonghwa’s “I can’t English”

#253 - FNC not making a sleeveless blue moon tour shirt for Jonghyun

submitted by dearljh

#252 - Continuously mistaking Jonghyun for Yonghwa in pics and fancams, because of the blonde hair.

submitted by 39jaein

#251 - At 1:37 of Greedy Man, Yonghwa’s “Everyone looks at you” sounds like “Everyone is a Jew”. 

submitted by themagiccarpet

#250 - Jonghyun’s blonde hair.

submitted by green-teaice-creampixie-dust23 and anon

#249 - Jonghyun’s \m/ pose everywhere, every time.

submitted by anon

#248 - Burning souls find at least one or two posts of Kim Jonghyun when they’re searching about Lee Jonghyun

submitted by tamagokyu 

#247 - When you realize or discover a song that you thought, for a long time, was in Korean/Japanese is actually in English..

submitted by myreasonforeverything

#246 - When CNBLUE members never create their own personal Twitter accounts.

submitted by anon

#245 - When there are less CNBLUE fanfics compared to other kpop groups.

Submitted by anon

#244 - Yonghwa’s ass sweat

Submitted by naranyeoja

#241 - The world tour stops not being announced earlier

#242 - When they sing “Let’s Go Crazy”, they pronounced the word “crazy” correctly but when they sing “I’m Sorry”, they pronounced it as “CRAY” 

submitted by milesnicodemus

#243 - The secondhand embarrassment you feel whenever Yonghwa dances.

submitted by anon